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Francesco Brancati

Francesco Brancati

Science Journalist and Director of UNAMSI, the Association of Italian Journalists reporting on Health and Research

Francesco Brancati, a professional journalist since 1974, has dedicated over 40 years to 'news agency journalism', the primary source of information for the Media, in the Milan office of ANSA.

A versatile journalist, he has been involved in every sector, from crime to sports, from judicial to entertainment (reporting for 30 years on opera productions at La Scala Theater).

Since the eighties he has been in the front lines for Health and Biomedical Research, dispatched by ANSA to cover countless conferences in Italy and in major cities worldwide. Among other things, he participated in the 1989 scientific expedition to Mt. Everest 'EV-K2-CNR', directed by Ardito Desio.

Professor in the Master in 'Health Communication' program in the Faculty of Pharmacy, at the University of Milan, he has won some of the highest awards for science journalism, including the Glaxo Prize, the Fiuggi Prize, Voltolino Prize, the SOI Prize.

Member of the College of Arbitrators of the UGIS (Union of Italian Scientific Journalists) and since February 2010 President of UNAMSI (National Union of Scientific Medical Information).

In 2014 he was chosen as an expert in communication for the technical and scientific committee of the Nutrition Foundation of Italy (NFI).

Brancati's article

June 2015

Drug repositioning - A rapid and economic alternative to 'traditional' drug development

The case of cavernomas and an old chemotherapeutic that the industry was phasing out of production.