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Giovanni Caprara

Giovanni Caprara

Science Editor at Il Corriere della Sera
President of UGIS

Giovanni Caprara, journalist and writer, is science editor at "Il Corriere della Sera". He is the author of several publications on the history of science and space exploration, published both in Europe and the USA. Among the others: The Space Age, The Adventure of Science: Challenges, Inventions and Discoveries in the Pages of "Corriere della Sera", Scientists: Great Men and Discoveries from Pythagoras to the Internet, Italy on the Shuttle, A Brief History of the Great Scientific Discoveries, Italian Space History and, in 2014, Energy for Italy.
Among his many awards, in 2000 he received the ConScientia prize for science journalist of the year, presented jointly by the universities of Milan. In the same year, the International Astronomical Union at Harvard University named after him an asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter in recognition of his outreach activities in astronomy and space exploration. In 2010, he received the European Science Writers Award from the Euroscience Foundation, and in 2014 was made a Knight of the Italian Republic. He has served as the president of the Union of Italian Scientific Journalists (UGIS) since 2011.
He designed and curated the new space section in the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, and is a member of numerous scientific committees including Bergamo Science and the Galileo Prize for science divulgation.

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January 2015

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