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Pasquale Verde

Pasquale Verde

Research Director at the CNR Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, Naples

Pasquale Verde graduated in Medicine (1981, University of Naples Federico II) with an experimental Thesis on transcriptional control in prokaryotes (Regulation of the His operon in E. Coli). Pasquale Verde has been a post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Francesco Blasi, where he worked on the transcriptional regulation of the human urokinase gene, at the CNR International Institute of Genetics and Biophysics (Naples), where he was appointed as Researcher in 1984. During 1986-1987 he moved as Visiting Fellow at the Columbia University Comprehensive Cancer Center (NYC, NY), directed by Dr. ME Gottesmann. Since 1992, as group leader at CNR IIGB, he has been studying multiple aspects of the AP-1 complex in neoplastic transformation, with recent focus on the transcription factor FRA-1. Presently, he is CNR Research Director and his research interests are focussed on the regulatory interactions between transcription factors (FRA-1, TALE homeproteins, p53) and miRNAs in epithelial-mesenchymal-transition and neoplastic transformation.

Verde's article

June 2015

PREP1: a TALE of transcription factors, EMT and metastasis

Commentary on Francesco Blasi's paper published on PNAS